Basic Outdoor Survival Skills 

learn how to survive like a B.O.S.S. !


In the "Basic Outdoor Survival Skills" class you will be introduced to the fundamentals of survival. This class is for people of all ages, and walks of life who are interested in learning the basic principals and techniques of survival.

Students will learn what basic items are needed to survive in any situation, and how to recreate them from the forest if you loose something. We will be concentrating on the "sacred triangle" of Water, Shelter and Fire. We will also introduce you to some edible and medicinal plants.

You will learn how to use the forest and what is around you to take SHELTER from the elements. You will learn how to find suitable tinder and kindling, so you will be able to start a FIRE, no matter what the weather conditions are. WATER sources, as well as primitive and modern filtering techniques will be learned, because hydration is essential!

Many of the skills you will learn will find their way in to everyday life. The next time the power goes out, or there is a crisis, you can be confident that you will have the skills to keep you and your loved ones alive








18 unless accompanied by an adult



Classes are held every Weekend with the number of students kept to a minimum. Contact for date. 1 on 1 classes available.



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